Sign In
When clicking the hyperlink in the e-mail, you can sign in to the customer portal. Type your username and password on the right side of the screen. After typing those 2 fields, choose the link “Log on”.

Change Password
You can change your password by choosing your username in the upper right corner. First you have to type in your old password. Then twice your new password. Choose "Change" when ready

Forgot your password
If you forgot your password, you can get your password by choosing the link "Forgot password". You have to fill in your username and then choose the link "Send Password". Now you will receive your password by Email. In case you also lost your username, you can contact us about the sign in data.

  • You can choose your language by choosing the correct language flag.
  • In the upper right corner you can choose the font size.
  • In the upper right corner you can choose the screen size of the portal. Small, Normal, Large.
  • In the horizontal menu choose Lists. Now you get a menu where the modules are showed where you are authorized for. By clicking the plus and min icon you can open or close the modules.
  • In case you choose a sub link, it will show the related list. You can sort by clicking the column-header name.
  • In case you want to export data, you can do this by clicking the Excel icon. You can export data in 2 file formats. XLSX and CSV.
  • In some lists you also can find some download links. By choosing this link you can download a related document in PDF format.
Log Out
When you are ready with your visit to this customer portal, you log off by clicking the link "Log Out" in the upper right corner.